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By Alon

I needed work done on my back patio. I called Corona Landscaping for a quote. The response was immediate. I received a very good service at a good price. The work was done on time. The workers left the site clean. The owner personally made sure the work was completed to my full satisfaction. He also gave me design ideas for additional work that will enhance my garden. I recommend this company especially if you are looking for personal service at affordable prices.

By Jeffrey

Beautiful patio: I am extremely pleased with the work done on my patio. The response I got was immediate and the work was done the day after I received the consult. I gave a budget and I wasn't at all pushed, in fact, the opposite- I feel he (Israel Corona) went above and beyond with the budget I gave him! My patio looks gorgeous!!!! I also very much appreciated the follow up call I received to see how things were going! I highly recommend!!?

By Alonbaadani

Well done job: My patio looks great. Corona landscaping got the work done, rapidly, clean job, well done at a price I could afford. The owner, Israel Corona personally made sure that I will be happy with the work. Highly recommended.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND: A good "contractor" is hard to find. Trust me I know- I recently bought my house (2 yrs ago) and ever since have been pouring money into it. A friend recommended my first contractor- in all fairness he ended up doing a fair job but I got what I paid for. In home repair- over-runs, delays, additional costs, etc... is the name of the game and the originally negotiated "great" deal never ends that way. Now here comes Israel, I initially hired him to fix my broken sprinkler heads and expand on my sprinkler system. He did such a good job, that I ended hiring him to “renovate” my garage (including bringing in electrical) and building out a drainage system to prevent my backyard (garage) from flooding. I am truly SATISFIED and he did it at a very fair price- actually “very cheap” price!!! I am so satisfied that I asked him to come back to upgrade the exterior window moldings and paint the house!!! And he's not even a painter. I like his honesty, work ethic that I asked him to find a painter for me and over see the work. HIGHLY RECOMMEND- just try him out for a small project and you will know what I mean!!!

By Jamison Hebert (Producer-Bullied) and Alec Mapa (Actor-Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives, Half & Half)

Israel Corona came to our first landscape planning meeting completely open to all our wants, needs, and concerns. He was really interested in giving us exactly what we wanted, adding his expert experience and recommendations to fit our needs. Always cheerful and pleasant, Israel brought his hard-working crew and started his work right away. The end result was a beautiful, vibrant, low-maintenance yard, which reflected our colorful lives, aesthetic taste, and care for our earth as the plants are all drought-tolerant. I would recommend Israel to transform anyone's outdoor space into a beautiful garden-park as our front and backyards have become!